Here's how to get started

Twic is now called Forma!

Step 1 – Explore the different ways you could use your Hootfund:

  • Wellness: Fitness classes, meditation apps, personal training

  • Professional development: Training programs, audiobook subscriptions, e-learning courses (where you might have used the Growth Fund before)

  • Family and home: Home office, childcare services, baby gear and accessories

Click here to view the full list of eligible (and in-eligible) expenses as well as other program information. 

Step 2 – Make purchases on eligible expenses with the help of Forma:

There are two ways to use your Hootfund in your Forma Wallet:

1. Explore products and offers in the Forma Marketplace

  • All products are verified eligible under the program policy, unless otherwise stated.

  • Forma fulfills and manages the orders – no need to deal with third party vendors!

  • No reimbursements required! It’s that simple.

2. Submit a reimbursement for eligible items.

  • Obtain documentation showing the date, type of transaction, and the amount.

  • Submit eligible expenses as a claim on Forma (Forma > Claims > File a Claim).

  • Expenses that are submitted and approved by Forma will be reimbursed in your end of month paycheck in the month following the approval.

Any unused balance expires at the end of each quarter. While there is no rollover, you can set up a recurring reimbursement each quarter until the item is fully reimbursed (or your balance is fully used).

Note: Approved reimbursements are treated as regular taxable income per IRS regulations (or HMRC in the UK) and reflected as such on your paychecks.


Email support@joinforma.com or chat with Forma support through the Forma Portal.

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