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You won’t need an ID card; at your visit, just tell your doctor’s office you’re a VSP member. 

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In-Network coverage highlights

Here’s a quick summary of the plan’s coverage:

Annual deductible

  • None

Exam copay (exam covered every 12 months)

  • You pay $10

Materials copay

  • You pay $25

Allowance for frames (every 2 calendar years)

  • Plan pays $180 – standard frame

  • Plan pays $100 – Costco frame

  • Plus, you get a 20% discount on the balance after the allowance (doesn’t apply at Costco)

Lenses (every calendar year)

  • You pay $0 for single, bifocal, and standard progressives

Exam and fitting for contacts

  • 15% off standard rate

Elective contacts

  • Plan pays $180

Laser vision correction

  • 5% to 15% discount at VSP-contracted facilities

Special online deals 

  • Shop for frames, lenses, and sunglasses through Eyeconic and get exclusive savings as a VSP member.

You can review the full plan design and benefits of the vision plan here.

Monthly Employee Contribution
Plan Name EE Only EE + SP/DP EE + CH EE + FAM
Guardian Vision 1 2 3 5

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