Cleo Parenting Resource

New parents: Meet Cleo

Get expert guidance, advice, and information so you can parent with confidence. Cleo is available to all parents, regardless of your path to parenthood, including adoption and surrogacy. Cleo provides you with:

  • Guidance from when you first discover the pregnancy or make a decision to adopt, through the baby’s first year. If you’re using a surrogate, support begins when you have a confirmed due date.

  • Online virtual sessions or in-home sessions (where available) with a dedicated Cleo Guide who will be your point person throughout your journey. Cleo Guides have extensive experience working with families like yours and are experts in the issues and challenges you may face as you grow your family.

  • Access to content in the app, one-on-one support through specialist sessions, and answers on a wide range of topics through virtual community workshops.

  • Tailored recommendations based on your family’s needs.

  • A holistic team that complements your OB/GYN or midwife, with a special eye toward work-life balance.

  • 24/7 support through the unique Cleo messaging system.

  • Cleo services are confidential and are provided to you at no cost. Any personal information you share is strictly confidential and will only be accessed by your Cleo Guide and Cleo business administrators. Cleo will only provide aggregate data to Samsara, such as overall usage and feedback.

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Milk Stork

As a benefit through Cleo, Milk Stork’s breast milk shipping will be available to all Samsara-employed nursing parents while traveling on Samsara business.

  • To learn more about how Milk Stork works, check out this video. How Milk Stork Works

  • Orders may be placed here using your company-issued email address. For more information or support placing your order, visit:

  • Additional Benefits with Milk Stork - Insurance Covered Breast Pumps This service helps parents learn which breast pump will be best for them and enables them to check eligibility for their insurance covered pump. Once their breast pump is delivered, parents can benefit from unboxing support where they can learn how to assemble and use their pump. This benefit is available to our employees and their spouses. Please confirm eligibility through the Milk Stork Employee Ordering Portal.

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