Kaiser Medical Plans

Schedule appointments, message your provider, access lab results, and more through your Kaiser member portal at kp.org.

The Kaiser HMO offers one-stop shopping for your health needs, including pharmacy services and specialists.

This plan may be right for you if:

  • You want the lowest cost when you receive care.

  • You like knowing exactly what you’re going to pay when you go to the doctor.

  • You accept that you can only use Kaiser facilities, doctors, and hospitals.

  • You will have a primary care provider—a single doctor who’s in charge of overseeing all of your care.

Here’s how it works:

Doctors and other healthcare providers

  • You must use Kaiser facilities and physicians unless it’s an emergency and you obtain authorization from Kaiser.

Cost sharing between you and the plan

  • For office visits you’ll have a flat $10 copay for visits to a primary care provider, specialist, or urgent care.

  • There is no annual deductible to meet before your plan starts paying benefits, and most care is covered at 100%.

  • You’ll continue to pay copays for services and prescriptions until you reach the annual out-of-pocket maximum of $1,500 for an individual and $3,000 for family.

You can review the full plan design and benefits of the Kaiser plans here.

What’s my paycheck cost?

You’ll share a portion of the cost with Samsara based on the table below.

Monthly Employee Contribution
Plan Name EE Only EE + SP/DP EE + CH EE + FAM
Kaiser - Georgia HMO 78 266 235 391
Kaiser - California HMO 96 328 250 502
Kaiser - Hawaii HMO 61 206 182 304

Kaiser Programs (Available to all Samsara Kaiser members)

Kaiser Video Visits and 24 Hour Care Line - 866-454-8855; kp.org 

  • Get the care you need the way you want it. No matter which option you choose, your providers can see your health history, update your medical record, and give you personalized care that fits your life. Options include 24 hour care line, Video Visits, and email/e-visits. 

Class Pass - kp.org/classpass

  • ClassPass makes it easier for you to work out from anywhere. ClassPass partners with 30,000 gyms and studios around the world, offering a range of classes including yoga, dance, cardio, boxing, Pilates, boot camp, and more. Kaiser Permanente members can get:

    • Unlimited on-demand video workouts at no cost

    • Reduced rates on livestream and in-person fitness classes

Active&Fit Direct - kp.org/activeandfit

  • Get access to more than 11,000 gyms with one membership. When Kaiser Permanente members sign up for an Active&Fit Direct gym membership, they can visit any of the participating fitness centers in the nationwide Active&Fit Direct network. Participating gyms may include Gold’s Gym, Curves, Anytime Fitness, and more.

myStrength app - kp.org/selfcareapps

  • The app offers personalized self-care programs based on the cognitive behavioral therapy model. Programs include interactive activities, daily health trackers to monitor your progress, in-the-moment coping tools, and more.

Calm app - kp.org/selfcareapps

  • Calm is the #1 app for meditation and sleep — designed to help lower stress, reduce anxiety, and more. Kaiser Permanente members can access all the great features of Calm at no cost.

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