Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits (US Employees Only)

Here is a link to what's eligible under the parking and transit benefit.  You can use your Forma card to pay for these expenses.  These commuter amounts can be changed via Workday on a monthly basis. This can be done in Workday > Change Benefits > Commuter Benefit Change. Please note, adjustments and changes will be effective the following month.

Learn more about our Commuter Benefits through Forma here.

How are qualified commuting expenses determined? Actually, the qualified is determined by IRS Internal Revenue Code Section 132(f) and there are 2 qualified expense categories

Public Transportation

  • Land transportation, such as buses, trains, cable cars, etc.

  • Water transportation, such as ferries, etc.

Parking Expenses

  • Parking garages, parking lots, or parking meter

  • Parking fees for parking on or near locations used to commute to work, normally mass transit facilities such as train, bus, or subway stations, etc.

Ineligible expenses include

  • Tolls, taxis and traditional ride sharing (Uber, Lyft, etc.) are not qualified. Exceptions include:

    • Uber Pool Commuter

    • Lyft Shared

    • Via

Please note that if Uber Pool or Lyft Shared are suspended, they are not eligible to use a a commuter benefit.

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